Unleash the core essence of who you are like a badass

Is there is a magic aliveness within you that longs to come out of hiding?

How long has it been since you truly felt like yourself?

Deep down, you’re a revolutionary thinker. You’ve got a lot to say. You’re talented, gifted, brilliant, and outspoken, but for some reason, you can’t seem to embody that confident and rebellious part of yourself anymore. Lately, you just feel awkward and unsure about who you are and where you’re going.

what happened to your VOICe?

Somewhere along the way, you went through some difficult things. Difficult relationships, traumatizing sexual experiences, a difficult upbringing where you felt ashamed and unaccepted.

Not to mention the simple being a woman in a male-dominated society.

Even though you are a radical woman, driven by your passions, your wisdom, and your courage to transform, you’ve been struggling with feeling disconnected from your truth for a very long time.

Even though you are thriving in certain areas of your life, you know there is so much more power and bliss that you’re not accessing.

Something is just… missing.

you know you are worthy of being unabashedly powerful in your life and in your relationships, but You feel voiceless and confused.

All you want is to be authentic to the truth of your inner desires. To feel connected to your aliveness. To stand up for your right to create your life YOUR WAY. To express the real you again. The amazing superstar, divine, badass goddess that you know you are.





“behavior, characteristics, or actions regarded as formidably impressive.

‘few of us can attain [their] level of badassery’”

Follow your intuition. honor your truth.

You’re ready to make some serious changes, and you know it all starts deep within yourself. You are being called to step forward and heal the wounds inside of you that have gone unaddressed.

You know that in order to be the badass woman you are on the inside, you must listen to this soulful calling to step more fully into the fiery nature of your true self.

You know that in order to live a life you’re proud to call your own, you must step up and and do the work. You must do what others are unwilling to do.

And, to be honest, you really just can’t handle feeling unsure of yourself anymore. You’re desperate for clarity now.  

It's your divine birthright to stand confidently in your truth and have exactly what you desire,

but The problem is…

  • you aren’t even sure what you really want anymore.

  • you feel overwhelmed and are in a state of panic about life-decisions.

  • part of you still needs approval from others and feels ashamed.

  • you feel like you don’t really belong and it’s not totally safe to be yourself.

  • you were never really taught how to stand up for yourself and say NO.

  • you were never really taught how to own your unique authenticity and say YES to what brings you pleasure.

  • you no longer trust your inner guidance.

  • you’re trying so hard to heal, yet you’re beginning to feel like all the work you’ve done is going to waste.

  • you distract yourself with meaningless tasks and pursuits that get you nowhere because it’s too scary to face the reality of your desires.

  • your mind is constantly running, and you’re exhausted.

  • you feel downtrodden by the loneliness of your journey.

There is a new paradigm shift happening—and it’s being led by goddesses like you.

The Truth is being revealed: It is your birthright to be whoever the f*** you want AND feel happy, supported, safe, and loved. 

You have been taught to play nice. To share. To put others before yourself. but It's time to prioritize YOUR pleasure & YOUR bliss. ALL of you belongs here.

You've been denying your pain and your struggle. You're strong, and you've been getting through it. But you're still unfulfilled, and, eventually, you might combust.

staying small isn’t serving anyone

Only from a place of pleasure and connection to your authentic truth can you truly serve others…

The world needs you to be fully alive. Fully liberated from the old ways. Taking up space...

 You know exactly who you are and exactly what you want, maybe you're just afraid to believe you can have it…

Maybe having what you want would mean standing out from the crowd. Maybe it would mean being disliked or rejected by your community. Maybe it would mean confronting your power…

Maybe it would mean finally taking responsibility for your life and letting go of victimhood.

Let me tell you a story of my own…

Life wasn’t always looking up for me. Even though I was an intelligent and ambitious girl-child headed straight for a rebellious path of success and creativity, as I encountered the grown-up world and went out there on my own, my youthful vigor vanished and seemed to be locked away in a cabinet I could no longer reach, and my passionate and inspired voice became like a whisper.

I can remember going to see Leah and Chloe Song of Rising Appalachia perform at a small-venue show several years ago. I remember the moment so clearly when my face turned beet-red and hot, my stomach churned into a dread-knot, my breath vanquished into a tight ball, and I had to look away in horror.

I saw two powerful, radical, radiant and outspoken women on the stage—speaking their minds and singing from the depths of their bellies.

I could feel the power and honesty of their self-expression. And I had to turn away because with each raspy-voiced phrase, with each sexy smile they shared, I felt deeply sad. On a night that I was supposed to be having fun and enjoying the company of the people around me, I simply felt depressed.

Why? Because these women had voices that were loud and clear, they were being celebrated for who they authentically were, and they were radiant with the joy of living a life of their own creation. I knew that I could be there too, yet my voice felt like it had no way to get out. I had ignored my truth for so long that I had simply lost my way.

I could feel the passionate, liberated, invigorated part of me clawing at the walls. It had been trying to get out for years, to be heard, but I seemed to have lost the key to unlock it. I had suppressed and abandoned the alive parts of me for so long that even when I tried to listen, it was as though I had forgotten how to speak its language.

I was unhappy in my relationship, I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. I was numb.

And I felt heavy as I stood in the crowd full of happy people, and I felt dissociated from my body. I felt self-conscious, anxious, and alone. I had no voice and no connection to myself. No strength to speak up and no clue where to turn for help. I was too scared and confused to speak to my partner, I definitely didn’t feel like I could talk to my parents about what I was going through, and it seemed like no matter where I went, the cycles continued.

I had no self-respect. I was passive, self-sacrificing, and self-abandoning. I had done everything to make sure everyone around me was comfortable, even if that meant becoming a martyr for those I “loved” and being truly dishonest about my own feelings and needs.

Deep-down, I felt completely alone and horrified at what my life had become.

It took me years of going through the same cycles of relationships where I gave my power away again and again, sacrificing my voice and my dreams to take care of my partners’ needs, and swinging back and forth between panic and a desperate need for my relationships to work until I finally came to a dead-end where I was forced to deal with the consequences of being a people-pleaser.

Since then, I’ve recovered my lost sense of self and i’ve reclaimed my right to be at the center of my own life.

Instead of needing everyone to love and approve of me, I now know how to approve of myself and create strong boundaries where I had let others trample before. I’m committed to taking care of MYSELF more than anyone else, and I KNOW that I am paving the right path this time. Because I know in my bones (not just in my brain) that this is MY life, and I am worthy of living it MY way. I know exactly who I am, I’m connected to my voice, and I’m serving the world from a place of true badass authenticity.

I’m still not perfect, but now my life is characterized by the deepest connection I’ve ever had to who I authentically am, and I feel free to make decisions based on what makes me feel the most alive. I’m grounded and confident in my body, I live from a deep sense of worthiness, I have a thriving business where I get to do what I love, serve others, and feel truly fulfilled.

I always knew that I was free, but I didn’t know how to actually create lasting change. I always knew that I had the power inside of me, but I didn’t know how to access it.

Thankfully, I found the tools that helped me take my life from recurring nightmare to exquisite dream.

I no longer feel alone, fearful, and in panic— I feel nourished, safe, loved, and whole.

I don’t want you to have to suffer through the nightmare that I was living in. If you can relate to my story in any way and are ready for change right now, let’s talk. You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

You can learn the tools that helped me transform my shame into epic bliss right now. My coaching is founded on holistic principles of compassion, gentleness, and presence in the body. With me as your guide, you’ll feel capable of moving through whatever is holding you back in a gentle way that will lead to true integration and wholeness.

* * *

Ready to talk? Fill out my short application to get on a free discovery call with me.


Unleash Your Magic with My 3-Month ‘Badass Goddess’ VIP Coaching Program


Fuel your life, your relationships, and your self-esteem with the power and bliss that comes from being authentically YOU.

Potent Benefits of My Program:

  • Unleash your magic & feel like a badass goddess every day.

  • Feel alive, confident, and clear about who you are, & be unabashedly powerful in your life and in your relationships.

  • Magnetize the people and experiences that genuinely support the deepest expression of who you are.

  • Learn how to navigate dating and relationships consciously and powerfully.

  • Attract who and what you really deserve in every area of your life (hint: the absolute highest and best)!

  • Enhanced levels of feeling support, safety, love, and belonging in your body.

  • Increased feelings of worthiness and self-love.

  • Stronger connection to your sexuality, your bliss, and your capacity for aliveness.

  • Experience greater clarity, ease, and peace with who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

  • Feeling emotionally empowered and capable of holding your own healing process with love and compassion.

  • Manifest a life of abundance & prosperity!

  • Feel more connected to the life-force within you that longs to express through your voice, your sexuality, and your life.

  • Heal unresolved traumas and clear out-dated beliefs and fears that are preventing you from thriving.

In this 3-month, one-on-one coaching program, I will guide you all the way back to your most authentic self in a safe, loving, and compassionate way.

Using an array of holistic tools, including (but not limited to) breath-work and gentle trauma release, I help you transform the blockages that are holding you back from embodying your true orgasmic nature.

From feeling disconnected from who you are and stuck in frustrating patterns of disempowerment is no joke. I will support you in getting clarity on what you want and take you to new levels of aliveness with cutting-edge techniques that will leave you feeling powerful and excited for your future.

The methodology combines a unique approach to coaching that embraces modern psychology, front line neuroscience, and ancient tantric wisdom and practice.

: : T h e P r o g r a m O v e r v i e w : :

Our sessions take place online, via Zoom videoconferencing, so you can live anywhere in the world. Each session is held in a loving and supportive container where you are safely held to explore and integrate your blockages mindfully, with your specific goals guiding us. In my body-based approach, you are encouraged to seek answers from within yourself, and each session is sure to be deep, transformative, and potent. From the very first session, you’ll experience amazing healing take place.

It’s not easy to dive into your wounds without getting lost, but with my spacious, loving, and intuitive guidance, you will feel truly held, safe, and cared for as you uncover and integrate pieces of yourself that need you to love them so you can become more whole.

What’s included?

at-home practices & email support

After our sessions, I send you special practices for you to do one your own to help you deepen your experience and stabilize the transformation that took place in our session.

These may include self-pleasure practices, meditations, self-massage, energy practices, journaling prompts, or embodiment tools.

After each session, you will receive a follow-up email with a re-cap of what you learned and experienced in the session so that you can look back and reflect on how far you’ve come throughout the program.

The shifts you experience in this program will go with you far beyond when the program ends. Your at-home practices and email support will serve as a way to further integrate and stabilize your transformation.

You’ll also have unlimited email access to me if you need any extra support throughout the program.

9 one-on-one (90min) coaching sessions

The program will be customized to your unique needs and desires in the most supportive and powerful way.

The coaching sessions combine body-based exploration with psychosomatic principles, ancient yogic and taoist practices, cutting-edge neuroscience, and my own living experience to help you achieve your goals in an exciting, tangible, and safe way.

You will be educated on topics that are relevant to your growth such as: female sexuality, conscious dating, tantric philosophy, meditation, creating boundaries, law of attraction, energy systems in the body, and much more.

Not only will we go to the root of what is holding you back, but we will uncover obstacles that you didn’t even know were there.

My clients express that even just one session with me can bring them so much healing.

Are you itching to find out if we’re a good fit? Fill out my application to schedule a free consultation call with me right now!


Not sure if this is for you?

  • Are you ambitious, radiant, intelligent, and radical but play small, especially in relationships? 

  • Do you want to feel alive, confident, clear about who you are and be unabashedly powerful in your life yet don’t know where to start?

  • Do you feel stuck around your self-expression and sometimes feel like you don't even know who you are or what you want anymore?

  • Do you want to be able to clearly say YES to what you want and NO to what you don’t?

  • Are you yearning for deeper connection, freedom, and bliss and know that you are worthy of having it? Do you believe that it’s possible in this lifetime?

  • Are you dedicated, passionate, loving, and courageous?

  • Have you already done a good amount self-healing work and/or are excited about exploring meditation, awakening breath-work, sensuality practices, inner child and family dynamics, emotional releasing, tantric wisdom, and energy practices?

  • Do you feel called to this work and are ready and excited to invest in your healing process right now?



From the first day that we met, I straightaway knew that it would be great experience for me because you projected the feeling to me that you are full of empathy and that you are genuine. You asked the right questions for me to be able to come out with my feelings. You didn’t make me rush or stop me when I was wanting to share what I wanted to say. I feel like I found a new way of looking at my life. And there’s a lot of clarity now on a lot of things I was conflicted with and confused about and I was battling with. Now I feel like I’m okay, and I have so much. And I will continue to learn. I feel very confident now. I thought I was confident before. I thought I was strong before, but I think I have a different kind of strength now. I’m so blessed. I look at life now with a different excitement than before. And it hadn’t been that way in a long time. You have changed my life in so many ways. I feel like a new person. I have found my feminine, sensual, and sexual feelings again. I am enjoying the process of getting dressed for the day or for bed and feeling sexy.  In the last nine years, I got dressed to look feminine and sexy. But I didn’t feel those feelings. Now it is so exciting to know that I am a beautiful person with all those qualities and feelings.  I feel my body soften and flow, and no longer tense and sad. I am so grateful for the opportunity of getting this amazing support and help, and I am very positive of a bright and interesting journey from now on. I thank you so much, Hannah. You will help so many people. You’ve done such a great job.
— Taualoa, Auckland, New Zealand


“Hannah is very skilled at holding space and being a guide for me to find my own answers. She was also amazing at working with me on my energy which made the transformation feel much deeper than surface level. 

I would recommend Hannah to any woman who’s looking to find deep empowerment in themselves, and who desires to work with a coach who really embodied the work she teaches. I’m grateful to have been able to work with her!”

-Ann, San Francisco, CA, USA



“Your guidance is so sound. There was trust from the beginning that I could feel in my body. Even just the small drop-ins where we closed our eyes and breathed created a comfort level that felt good for me to be able to go deeper into my body. Having the structured practices was a takeaway for me. We didn’t just talk—we participated, we acted, and we worked through feelings which really helped integrate them in the body. We didn’t just have conversations, but there was a physical practice element.”

-Jess, Virginia, USA

Hannah has this really amazing ability of helping you sink in, quickly, almost instantly. Like no one I have ever worked with. During our first session, Hannah expressed her intuition to me and suggested we work on a topic I originally hadn’t intended to work on. Well, I hadn’t intended to work on it because I still felt shame and guilt around it. So actually, it was a perfect topic, and I still utilize the tools Hannah shared with me during that session. Knowing that Hannah has put in the real work herself for her own spiritual development makes her skills even more applicable. I felt that she was honest in relating her experience to mine. She shared with me in appropriate timing and detail. She didn’t make the session about her experience or project hers onto mine, but rather reassured me that I was by all means not alone in what I felt. I don’t even know how to explain how much of an impact this work has had on me. Once during our second session, I became very emotional and started crying and felt like I couldn’t stop. I could identify what I was feeling but I couldn’t identify where it was coming from or why it made me SO sad. When Hannah asked if it could be my inner child that was expressing herself, the answer was so clearly YES. Not to be cliche, but it has been like a lightbulb that hasn’t gone out since. I once heard a woman in an ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) meeting say, “My inner child gets to sit and observe from her own seat on the bus, but she doesn’t get to drive.” I am realizing more and more the meaning of that statement, with the help of the work that Hannah and I did.
— Kayla, Virginia USA

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if it doesn’t work for me?

In the free 60-minute discovery call, we’ll get to know one another to see if we’re a good fit for each other. On the call, I’ll tell you all about the details of the program and my methodology so that you can decide if it’s right for you. If you decide to work with me and don’t feel like you are satisfied with your results at the end of our program, I offer 100% money back guarantee. I am that confident that you will be more than happy.

Are single sessions available?   

I do not offer single sessions unless you are already enrolled in the program and happen to need extra assistance in between sessions. This type of high-end coaching builds towards you achieving special goals which we create at the beginning of the program. In order for you to reach your goals and create sustainable transformation, this work requires consistent focus and dedication.

Do you do trades or exchanges instead of monetary payment? 

I do not offer my services in exchange for your products or services. I am committed to holding my clients accountable for their progress, and one way of doing this is by ensuring that my clients are committed and willing to make an investment in themselves by paying for the program before we begin. If I allowed trades or gave out free coaching, my clients could easily lose focus or take the opportunity to focus on their healing for granted.

I’m in a relationship— is this program for me?

Yes! This program is designed to help you feel like a badass regardless of your relationship status. If you intend on staying in your relationship and desire to shift into healthier ways of relating, this program will surely benefit your relationship by teaching you how to embody more of your authentic self with confidence. If, on the other hand, you are in a relationship and aren’t sure if your relationship is right for you, this program will help you find clarity and develop the skills necessary to speak your truth and move forward in conscious and loving ways.

I am a male - can I do this program?

Absolutely. “Badass goddess” is about embodying your power, your confidence, and creating the life that you authentically desire, first and foremost. That aim isn’t just for women. You deserve bliss too. I have been trained to coach both men and women, and I know that any man who feels he could benefit from working with me, will be greatly rewarded for his courage and willingness to grow. Men have just as many wounds as women do regarding sex, love, relationship, and power.

Am I too old to do this course?

Of course not. I have worked with women in their 50s and 60s, and I’d be open to working with women in their 70s, 80s, 90s, or 100s!! Feeling confident, clear, and in love with who you are shouldn’t be limited to just young women. Where and who you are is welcome here.

Is there nudity in the sessions?

There is no explicit nudity or sexual contact in any of the sessions. We will discuss sexuality and sexual energy as well as explore sexual or sensual embodiment practices on the calls. With this in mind, your safety and consent always comes first, and there are always different options available to suit your comfort level. Sensual practices that occur during the sessions will never be explicit, but you are free to be more explicit in your at-home practices! All in all, I will always make sure that you feel in alignment with any assignments or practices.

I have experienced trauma - will this program be of support to me?

Yes. My training is trauma-aware, which means I will be able to hold you in a safe space with the proper tools to make your healing process easeful and gentle. If ever I sense that your experience becomes too much handle on my own, I have a team of trained trauma coaches who are willing to support you. Finally, if you are aware that you have severe & unresolved trauma, I suggest going to see a therapist or trauma specialist before working with me. But if you have already done some work on yourself and feel confident that this work is right for you, this program will definitely be of support to you and your trauma.

Do I need to know a lot about Tantra, Taoism, or any other practices else in order to do this program?

The answer is no, you do not need to know anything about Tantra or Taoism or any other energy practices. However, we will be exploring practices that require you to have a base-level understanding and familiarity with mindfulness, presence, breath, and body-awareness. If you have a background regular practice of yoga and/or meditation, you will do great! I will be happy to educate you on any topic you may want to explore with me throughout our sessions.

What if I’m not a very spiritual person?

As a graduate of Religious Studies, I know that ‘spirituality’ can have a broad definition. You are not required to adhere to or ‘believe’ in any particular tradition for the purpose of this program. As long as you come with an open mind, you will benefit from the practices and wisdom principles that basically amount to the simple principle: you are made of energy. I trust that if you are still reading this, you would be a perfect fit for this program. ;) Spiritual or not, this program works to help you reach your goals and experience more connection to who you are.

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

In addition to your 90-minute sessions working with me, I suggest setting aside 10-15 minutes both before and after our calls to be alone and in a quiet space. Before each call, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a quiet and nourishing space where you will feel held and nourished being on a transformational call together. It’s a good idea to meditate and connect with your body as well as get clear on any specific intentions that you may have for the call. Or if you have specific questions or want to address something that happened during your week, it’s a good idea to gather your thoughts beforehand so that we can take full advantage of our time together on the call. After the call, I suggest taking another few minutes to be still and quiet and integrate your experience. In addition, even though I send a recap of our call, it may be a good idea to write in your journal any gratitudes you have, any commitments, or reflections.

I do assign at-home practices for you to do in between our sessions. Depending on what you feel you are capable of committing to, this could be as much as 1 hour per day of self-practice or as little as 1-2 hours per week.

Do I have to live in a specific country to work with you?

Nope. As long as you have access to reliable internet and a quiet, private space, we will be able to connect from anywhere in the world. With time zone differences in mind, as long as we can find 90-minutes to align, we will be good to go!

How does enrollment work?

Your first step is to fill out my application. From there, we will set up a free 60 minute discovery call where we’ll get to know each other and explore your desires and current challenges. At the end of the call you can decide whether or not you want to commit to the program.

Why do I need to fill out an application?

The application exists so that I can make sure we’re a good fit before we meet for a consultation call together. It’s a great way for me to discern whether or not you are serious enough to take the next step. It’s also a great opportunity for you to brainstorm what you want to get out of this program before we dive deep into your desires on the call. Some of questions are very helpful for getting clear on what you have been struggling with and why it’s important for you to move forward. Plus, it gets me super excited to read all about the amazing person I might get to work with for the next 3 months or more!

Do I get to contact you in between sessions? 

Yes. My 3-Month ‘Badass Goddess’ Program includes unlimited email access to me, and I will answer to you within 48 business hours.