The Tantric Path to Power and Bliss

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In the nondual Tantric philosophy that I practice, all of our experience is sacred. All of our experience is made up of divine consciousness—the goddess herself (and you can call That whatever you want) is the source of all things, but she is also the life-force, the aliveness the lives in everything. 

The Divine, or enlightenment, or true peace and happiness, in most traditions is thought to be something beyond. God or the Divine is out there in the outerspace, in heaven, and we are just little humans on earth, we are struggling, we are essentially powerless, and we need to control ourselves, we need to repent our shortcomings, we need to transcend all that we are so that we can return to our Creator. Because Godliness is what matters. This human life doesn’t really matter, but it’s more about a destination. About perfection. About attaining an idea. About reaching a goal or being perfect. There are so many rules about what is wrong and what is right. What is good and what is bad. 

But in Tantra, the path and perspective is much different. On the Tantric path, all is sacred. This very life, this very moment, this body, this energy, this thought, this experience is divine. The idea is that we are incarnations of Spirit. We are embodiments, articulated into individuated bodies and into these unique lifetimes, who have come into this form in order to experience life. Spirit wanted to experience itself through us. Through our experience. 

We are already perfect and whole. AND free. We are free to choose to play in this reality! To create, to love, to celebrate, to taste the flavors of life. Our lives are opportunities to experience our capacity to create and experience what we want to. 

If you resonate with this philosophy, then you’re in the right place, and I’m so happy we found each other. But even if you’re not sure what this means or if you believe it, it doesn’t matter. What it all comes down to is this: 

We are here because of desire. The very essence of life is desire. Without desire, we would be nothing. It’s the reason we do everything. If we didn’t have desire, we wouldn’t move, we wouldn’t eat, we wouldn’t be in relationships, we wouldn’t have a society! What would we be doing? Nothing. 

Our breath is a perfect example of the inherent desire that lies at the root of our reality. We don’t choose to breathe in most moments, life simply breathes through us. I mean, seriously, where does our breath come from? Who is breathing us? What is it? It is the goddess. It is Life, it is the Goddess herself. It is Desire. It’s our sexuality. Our creativity. 

We all have desires. It’s what keeps us going. What is it that you truly desire? What brought you here? Why did you click this video? You wanted something. What was it? That is the life in you, wanting to experience itself through this reality. Wanting to expand and contract. To go out and go in. 

The truth is that you are totally free to move toward having your desires as soon as you realize that you hold the key to that gate.

There are immense fears, doubts, and blockages that are keeping us from having what we want. They’re so deep and so strong that often, we don’t even realize they are controlling our choices every single day. Or, we may even be consciously choosing to hold onto these beliefs and attitudes because they were what we were taught by our families, our religions, our peers, the media, our society at large. Maybe we were simply never taught how to embrace and honor our desires. 

I’ve certainly struggled with this myself. When I was getting ready for college, I wanted to be a writer, an artist, and a philosopher. The messages I received from people very close to me were that that was a waste of time and energy. That I would never get anywhere. That my attempts to succeed or create security or stability for myself would be futile. That I would end up lost and alone and broke… I was told that I didn’t know what I was doing. And I believed them. Instead of following my heart, again and again I denied myself the right to make my own choices. I denied my intuitions. I ignored my callings. I judged and criticized myself for not being good enough. For being just plain “wrong.” I genuinely thought something was wrong with my brain. Why couldn’t I just be like everyone else and have it easy? 

Ultimately, I was unaware of my worthiness. If I had known that I was worthy and deserving of a life that I created my way, I would have said ‘fuck it’. And part of me definitely did. I’m here now, not much later, doing what I am really passionate about. Yet, I still have desires, and I’m doing everything in my power to continue building my sense of worthiness, never settling for anything that doesn’t make me feel truly alive. 

There’s a continuous expansion that’s happening. It’s happening in you. It’s happening on the collective level too. There’s no limitation to what you can have. The universe is constantly expanding, and there’s nothing that says you can’t have what you desire. 

However, how worthy we feel often plays a huge role in keeping us stuck. A part of us that didn’t know any better at the time, made an error by believing maybe we just weren’t meant to be happy. Maybe we were just meant to suffer. Hey, maybe that’s just life. Or hey, there’s just something wrong with me and God didn’t want me to thrive. 

But guess what? You are God. You are the Infinite. In microcosmic form. Experiencing itself. You get to choose. You can choose to feel unworthy. Or you can choose to be worthy. It’s up to you. No one else gets to tell you if you’re worthy or not. The world doesn’t decide that for you—you do. 

*In my next video, I’m going to share a practice with you that will help you increase your level of worthiness and get what you desire. I’ll take you through a special, guided journey into your body, your desires, and help you see where you currently stand on the scale of worthiness. Then, I’ll show you a super simple and poweful practice where you’ll learn how to increase your level of worthiness right away. *