Can you Imagine Surrendering to Your Emotions and Having Orgasms Because of It?


Emotions can be overwhelming and scary. I often catch myself freaking out about what all my feelings mean. Why do I feel this way? How did this happen? How do I fix this? What should I do about it?

Virgoan, mercurial, analytical, my tendency is to cling to the need to understand it all. I can be a very mental person...

And it really doesn’t feel good to live life from my mind. Living from this place, I can find myself feeling trapped, confused, and disconnected. It’s overwhelming, and it seems like there’s never any end to my questions.

So I’ve learned to surrender to the emotions. And I don’t mean letting go of my feelings by simply ignoring them or pretending they’re not there. That would create dissociation. That would be tuning out.

I mean letting go into them.

I let myself ride the waves within me with awareness and the fullness of my own loving presence, and my emotions become more than a story to read or understand. I see them simply as they are, with no label, no deconstruction, no analysis.

I make a point to experience my emotions as pure energy, pure sensation. In this approach, my feelings which once felt heavy and overwhelming feel manageable. Instead of becoming a part of my identity or another roadblock in my struggle to become a perfect robot, they become liberated and so do I. I no longer experience the pain of needing to change myself. The battle against time and limitation. The fear of right and wrong.

Liberated from the need to control and fix my experience, I access my infinite potential for pleasure. Within the emotions themselves, made up of sensations and energy, there abides aliveness. There is an unending creative force expressing itself.

If I allow myself to connect to this creative force behind my emotions, if I allow it to move through my entire being and allow myself to taste the pure energy of the aliveness within me, I can have energy orgasms. I find that there is actually no source of the emotion other than my infinite self.

If you try this, you can have all kinds of orgasms. Sad-gasms. Fear-gasms. Life-gasms. You can experience your emotions as pleasurable. Of course, you first need to be open to surrendering.

Surrendering your idea of perfect. Surrendering your idea of what orgasm even is. Surrendering your need to put things into words or to control.

Imagine if we approached sex from such a mental and controlling place. And… many of us do. “What does it mean? Is this right? What’s going to happen?” We ask.

But can you imagine if we approached life like it was *mindblowing* sex—allowing the vastness? Saying yes? Surrendering? Letting? Coming more deeply into ourselves…? ;)

Sex is a metaphor for life. And the goal is uninhibited ecstasy. Freedom. Connection. Love. Power. Multiple, undulating, selfless, full orgasms... “Coming.” Coming into. Coming to. Something you can’t put into words, explain, or understand from a mental place.

Don’t you wanna have more life-gasms? 

Try this on your own and let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear from you about your experience.

What emotions do you struggle with the most?

Contact me directly if you’re ready to work with me one-on-one now, and I will take you from feeling lost and stuck to feeling epic bliss and in your power every day.

All it takes is saying yes to what wants to come through you. There’s no need to analyze. Just surrender. .