Outrageous Openness

"Something happens after you align with the Divine for a while...

You begin to feel on a cellular level

that things are unfolding exactly

in the way that they should.

At the rate and timing they need.

You start to trust the process.

You relax from the endless pushing

that most of us learned at birth.

On some fundamental, mysterious level,

you just let go.

Not with that bitterness people feel

when they fear the (ego's) dreams won't occur.

Not with passivity

as right actions do get shown.

Rather you relax into this calm curiosity

about where the flow might go.

You're detached yet somehow riveted

by how the story will unfold.

You feel spaciously receptive

and open to what wishes to come.

You give it all room to blossom.

You trust the highest,

one way or another,

eventually will unfold.

You know that with God[dess] as your Source

you needn't cling to any one plan

And you're not clutching a list of desires,

pushing the ego's agenda even more.

When you're in cycles of quiet and waiting,

you catch your breath

knowing the wheel again will turn.

You rest because as the right actions

get revealed

a lot will arise to be done.

You wait for the signs and the timing

rather than rip open the cocoon.

You trust that delays might be welcome.

You trust that delays can be good.

You trust that delays are all perfect.

And you stay present

just to witness

your own birth."

-Tosha Silver, Outrageous Openness