"The Universe Supports Me." True or False?


Hey. You. I have a question for you. Do you believe this statement? —> “The Universe supports me.”

In your moment-to-moment and day-to-day, do you believe that the universe has your best interest in mind?

Or do you believe that nothing will ever work out?

I definitely didn’t always believe that the Universe had my back. In fact, my core unconscious belief was that the Universe really didn’t support me. That, in some weird way, it was actually working against me. I still catch myself falling back into believing these untrue thoughts sometimes....

The beliefs that I am bound to be dealt a shitty card. That i’m not supposed to have success or happiness. That life is meant to be full of suffering. That everything just pretty much works against me. That life is hard.

But I know better than to believe those thoughts. Because do you know what believing these untrue thoughts does?

It changes the way you see life. It jades you. It closes you off to good things. It makes you blind to the possibilities. When you could have a really positive, beautiful, expansive experience, it shuts you down. It turns good things into bad things.

And you actually get to choose.

Choosing to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want tells Life what to bring you. You have to at least be open to the possibility of goodness. If you only focus on the negative possibilities, you will create that. This is what I know.

The Universe wants what you want. (You..are..it..) It’s constantly presenting you opportunities to have EXACTLY what you desire. Are you taking them?

Are you saying yes? Are you choosing to believe in Goodness?

You get to choose. What’s next for you?

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