How To Increase Your Level of Worthiness to Get What You Desire

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In the last video, I talked about desire and how desire is the essence of who we are. When we embrace our desires, we become more whole, and we realize that we have always been free. There is a freedom in us that longs to express itself, and the journey we live is colored by our own willingness to embrace our authentic desires. To honor them, activate them, and follow them in each moment! 

But often we get stuck, because somewhere inside of us, we believe that we are not worthy of having what we want. We believe that we do not deserve to want. There’s something wrong about wanting. We are not enough. We do not have the right to want. 

And I’m here to tell you: It’s just not true. 

What narratives or stories do you unconsciously tell yourself about your desires? 

Some of mine are: 

I want too much… I’m not supposed to want this much… I can’t have what I want so it’s better to ignore what I want… Wanting things is selfish, and I’m not supposed to be selfish… It’s better to just be happy with what I have and learn to be present and grateful… Having what I want takes too much work, and I’m not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, or talented enough to get it done… Ultimately, I am not worthy… Expressing what I want is too much… Others will think I take up too much space or am too self-centered… If I have what I want, others will judge me… If I embrace my desires, I’ll be a slut or an egoic asshole… I’ll hurt other people… I’ll never have what I want… I just don’t deserve it.

So I’m going to teach you a simple and powerful practice to help you turn up your level of worthiness. 

Click here to watch my video! Enjoy!