About Hannah

Thanks so much for visiting. It’s great to have you here with me on this magical and thrilling journey of becoming.

My name is Hannah Knight. I’ve been on a wild spiritual ride, exploring life’s greatest mysteries. I’m a passionate woman, dedicated to living authentically, powerfully, and consciously—dedicated to claiming the bliss that is rightfully mine and helping others do the same.

I’ve always been deeply philosophical, deeply curious, and deeply rebellious. As a child, I questioned everything. And felt everything deeply. I still do. As a highly sensitive empath, a deeply psycho-analytical and thoughtful intuitive, a devoted mystic, and an energized student of life,

I’ve spent years studying the patterns of my inner world, getting curious about the ways of those around me, experimenting with my own self-expression, and innovating new ways of being human.

It probably all started (if we ignore the fact that there really is no beginning and no ending to anything, that is) with my very spiritual upbringing, spending Sunday mornings at Celebrate Recovery—a contemporary church service my family attended, for people with “hurts, habits, and hangups.” (Pssst—don’t stop reading now. My story has a surprise ending). Held in an old elementary school gymnasium, I listened each week to inspiring sermons about love, addiction, mindfulness, and life, given by a strong and rather intelligent female-figure. I sang along and clapped my hands to the devotional band (which was led by my dad) play Red Hot Chili Peppers and “YMCA,” I cried quietly on my parents’ shoulders when the message spoke to me (even at the young age of two or three, I was capable of an immense spectrum of emotional sensitivity), and I ate donut holes and cookies while those around me poured powdered creamer into their styrofoam cups of coffee.

I had many religious experiences as a young girl, having grown up in a Christian and spirit-driven family.

I was prayed over every night before bed, I regularly experienced breath-taking experiences with “God” into my pre-teen years, and I admired the stories of Jesus and his leadership. I was attuned to the mystery of life, attentive to the nuances, always deep in thought and curiosity. I adored the quiet, the soft, the tender. Anything but gentleness and compassion irritated me and confused my little heart. My father still brags (I was his little side-kick to construction sites, riding in the middle seat of his Chevy truck, happily singing along to his CDs and tapes) that I would get in the truck and plead, “More Jesus music! More Jesus music!” My theory, though, is that I probably preferred the loving, soothing, healing tones of whatever it was we listened to back then, which I thought of as “Jesus music.” I knew “Jesus” loved me. I simply wanted to bask in that sweet light and be wrapped up in love again.


But I questioned much of what I learned in the church and from my elders. Always. As I grew older and learned more about life, I attended different church services, more rigid in their expression and traditional in their message, unlike the open-minded, heart-centered approach of that warm coffee smelling gymnasium, and I realized that not everything I was being “fed” was healthy…

By a certain age, I realized that who I was didn’t necessarily fit into the Christian idea of “acceptable.”

Eventually, I stopped going to church, finding myself thoroughly confused by the mixed-messages I was receiving from my parents, my community, the greater world, and my heart. In an attempt to reclaim my freedom and protect my right to explore my life autonomously, I stepped away from my family, from everything I had been taught, and went on my way. A rebel and an outcast.

Growing up was not easy. Not only did I feel shunned by my family because of my religious objections and opposition, I was often told that I was “growing up too fast,” that I didn’t know what was best for me, and that I needed to be told what to do by my “superiors” in order to be successful or “good.” I learned that having my own opinions was wrong, making my own decisions was dangerous, and confidently owning my power was…unbecoming. Although I continued to stubbornly forge my own way, at a subtle and unconscious level, these voices haunted me.

As a teen, I found myself feeling ashamed of myself, feeling guilty, and uncertain about what was best for me.

And it only got worse as the years went by. The voices in my head were not my own, but I didn’t know the difference anymore. So much of my life was infused with judgment, fear, disconnection, and doubt. I was paving my way through the unknown, and I’m glad I did, because then I found Yoga. And it wasn’t just any kind of Yoga.


The yoga class I found myself attending week after week as a fifteen year old girl-thing was truly groundbreaking for me. My teacher embodied infinite wisdom, compassion, power, confidence, radiance, and femininity.

She was energized yet relaxed, confident and dynamic, yet deeply sensitive and impeccably compassionate.

Every class she taught was intentional, educational, and inspirational. She helped me understand that all things are interconnected and part of one infinite intelligence. She taught me that my body is a sacred vessel for life to flow through. She taught me how to heal my pain through presence, love, and awareness of myself and my experience. Finally, I was introduced to a world where I was treated as an equal. Where all voices were respected and celebrated. Where all of my experience was be welcomed. It was in Yoga that my unique journey was validated and honored as true.

After several years of attending the class taught by who I now call my “Yoga Mama,” I was invited to study to become a Yoga teacher myself with the teacher of my teacher. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the wisdom practice or to deepen my relationship with myself in this way. Yoga had done nothing other than make me feel more alive, more connected, and more at peace with myself and the world around me. It had done nothing other than help create intimacy with my body and spirit, increase my love for life, and inspire me to live with more intention, grace, and commitment to the sacred aliveness within me.

The kind of Yoga I studied and now teach, is based on the Tantric Philosophy.

This ancient non-dual philosophy rests on the idea that we are each embodiments of the One Divine Consciousness. It deviates from classical Yoga in its embrace and celebration of the human experience, emphasizing our opportunity for growth and expansion via the embodied experience. Rather than encouraging us to transcend our bodily experience, Tantra invites us to awaken to the power and potency of the exquisite reality we have found ourselves living in. Tantra invites us to awaken to our potential for freedom and bliss in this lifetime by giving us the tools, the wisdom, and the methods for becoming more aware of our current beliefs, patterns, and paradigms, and more aware of the choice we have to think, feel, and behave differently.

In essence, Tantra reveals to us the hidden power we possess to unravel our best life—one in which we truly feel alive.


Because of this gorgeous philosophy, the practices I have immersed myself in, and the amazing teachers I have had the privelege to study with, I now know in my bones that I am free. I know that my life is a blessing beyond comprehension; that, like Shakespeare stated, all the world’s a stage, all the men and women merely players. Everything is an extension of the One, here to provide me with an experience of life—an experience of myself. I am the Life. I am the life-liver. And I am the one watching the life being lived. It is from this place of inner connection, peace, knowingness, and freedom that I now live and create my life. 

Today, I believe that the essence of life is both pleasure and desire—the very two things that civilization has tried to keep us from for centuries.

In my world, there are no rules… We are each welcome to live life the way that we each feel most called to live it. We are invited to embrace all of our experience—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because there is no separation between who we are, who we want to be, and all of the beautiful things that we get to confront on our way trying to get there. We incarnated into these bodies to taste the sweet nectar of life. We came to know ourselves through play. We came to know pleasure. We came to experience the kind of freedom that could only be accessed in a limited time-and-space realm. Our limitations give us the experience of limitlessness. What a gift!

I’m done holding back. I’m done getting stuck. I’m done not allowing life to flow through me. I’m done denying the Life within me. Yet, at this point in my journey, I know I’m also here simply to love all of it. I now know how to embrace even the most uncomfortable parts of my experience—my shame, my numbness, my fear, my failure. And because of this, I am the most alive. 

I can honestly say that my life just keeps getting better and better…and better for me. For real. 

After years of practicing and teaching the Tantric Philosophy in my yoga and meditation classes, I realized that so many people were ready for more. I wanted to do more than teach weekly yoga classes. I wanted to take people as deep and as far as I had gone… Those around me were searching for a deeper connection to themselves and to their lives, wondering how to balance the peace and awareness that they experienced on the mat with the drive, desires, and unmet needs they experienced off the mat. It’s one thing to be at peace with what is, and it’s another thing to give up on trying anything at all. 

At the same time, as I was becoming more aware of myself, my thoughts, and my patterns, I became highly aware of relationship patterns that had been weighing me down since I was a teen. I had developed a burning desire and an intense need to move through these relationship and identity crises that had been holding me back for what felt like lifetimes. I was utterly lost when it came to love and relationships. And I was tortured by the thought of having to figure out a career for myself.

I didn’t know who I was as a woman.

I kept finding myself in cycles of unfulfilling relationships. Again and again, I found myself feeling hopeless and stuck in the self-expression as who I was in the world. Although I was confident as a yogi, a student, and a teacher, I knew that there were parts of me that were still stuck in powerlessness.

There were so many parts of myself that I didn’t yet know how to love. There were so many parts of myself that I knew were within me but couldn’t seem to get out. I knew I had so much to offer, but I felt stuck. It had been too long since I had felt completely myself, and even though my daily practice was grounding me in a state of loving presence, I hadn’t yet learned how to integrate it into these other areas of my life—in love, in sex, in relationships, and in my creative expression. Something was definitely amiss. Yes… Sex, partnership, power—the quintessential drives of a Scorpio moon. (Now you know I am a Scorpio Moon and an astrology nerd!) 

I was craving SO MUCH MORE.

Something deeper. Something more visceral. And then I found coaching. And I said ‘yes.’ Coaching has been the perfect way for me to integrate my spiritual and physical practices with my inner drives. It also allowed me to take it to the next level by allowing me to explore my sexuality, my career, and my relationship struggles—the parts of me that have gone through the most trauma and conditioning, as well as the parts of me that are the most ignored by society—especially in traditional yogic, spiritual, religious, or even therapeutic settings. 

Now, I coach individuals one-on-one back into the truth of who they are, using both ancient wisdom philosophies and modern proven techniques and methods.

I help individuals unleash their inner badass and experience bliss again off the mat and outside of the classroom. And I guide them there compassionately, consciously, and holistically. The healing process is a full-bodied, multi-layered, total-self experience. There is no part of ourselves or our experience that is left unloved. It is in this total embrace that we become united with our wholeness. And only from wholeness do we reach self-actualization. 


So now you know a little bit about my journey. If you like what you read and want to know more, subscribe to my email list where you’ll receive more personal stories, practices to try, and other offerings.

In short, I’m here to bring you the message that it is your divine birthright to do it your own way. In my world, there are no rules to becoming the most alive version of you. Somewhere along the way (say, thousands of years ago…) we learned that our sexuality is something to be ashamed of. Something gross, immoral, wrong, deceitful. While we tucked away our sexuality, we also pushed down our aliveness, our sense of wholeness, our creative expression, our emotions, our pleasure. We learned that it is not okay to be ourselves. We learned how to fit ourselves into boxes to get the approval of others. We learned how to suppress and alter our voices. This has affected how we make choices in our relationships, in our sexual expression, and in our careers, in the way we feel in our bodies and in our lives. This has kept us from feeling free. This has kept us small. 

I’m here with thousands of hours of training and years of dedicated self-development to guide you to living a life aligned with your most authentic truth and experience epic bliss along the way.

I’ll show you how to reconnect to your true nature and feel good about who you are. Only from a place of deep inner connection to the truth can we live beautiful lives that feel authentic and magical. We must reveal and integrate all the layers of belief, fear, shame, unworthiness, doubt, insecurity, and rejection. With love, awareness, compassion, and, of course, with courage, we are becoming more alive.

Don’t know where to start? Let me help you.