Confidently embody the the total truth of who you are and reconnect to the bliss you were meant to experience every day.


Hi, I’m Hannah, your Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach.

I help radical women move out of smallness and shame, release long-held fears, patterns, and blockages, and experience exquisite beauty, bliss, and power again.

Here’s what I know:

Firstly, you deserve to be whoever the hell you want to be and live a beautiful, ecstatic, and abundant life that makes you feel alive. Abundance is your birthright.

Secondly, everything you may think you need from outside yourself is actually already within you because you are an infinitely powerful, sacred, and whole being (also known as a Goddess).

Thirdly, your sexuality is the primal essence of who you are. You are orgasmic by nature, and epic bliss is your natural state. By tapping into and refining your sexuality, you can learn to fuel your life with pleasure and power.

Fourthly, you are a divine and spiritual being expressed in a human body, and you came to earth to experience the fullness, the human-ness, and the exquisite nectar of life. You came here to explore your power and to create your own unique adventure

Finally, the world needs you to align to your authentic truth and power. We need confident and connected individuals leading the collective with graceful vulnerability, badass courage, impeccable wisdom, uncompromising compassion, and radical authenticity. We need individuals like you to step up and dive in—clearing the way for a life where love and connection thrive.

It takes a certain kind of person to do this deep and transformative work.

Are you ready?


Are you ready to KNOW yourself, LOVE yourself, AND BE yourself UNAPOLOGETICALLY?

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In my E-book, you’ll find a tantalizing introduction and ten carefully-crafted chapters

of top-secret wisdom that only badass goddesses in training could understand. I wrote

it for women like you who want to confidently embody their most authentic expression

and experience bliss on a daily basis. For women who want to uncover their hidden

obstacles, break through walls of shame, fear, and resistance, experience more

pleasure, and feel like a total badass. You’ll find guided meditations, journaling

prompts, and tried and true embodiment practices in each chapter—potent

transformation tools that I have used myself in my own life and with my clients.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside. I’ll teach you how to…

Step 1: Get clear on what you really want.

Step 2: Find out what’s in the way and overcome it.

Step 3: Unleash your emotions.

Step 4: Love yourself.

Step 5: Stop giving a fuck about what other people think about you.

Step 6: Empower a new identity.

Step 7: Live from pleasure.

Step 8: Know the difference between true love and projectional love.

Step 9: Prioritize your healing.

Step 10: Say yes to abundance and success.


About ME

Hi! I’m Hannah Knight. I’ve been on a wild spiritual ride, exploring life’s greatest mysteries, for over nine years. I’m passionate about living authentically, powerfully, and consciously, and I am dedicated to claiming the bliss that is rightfully mine and helping others do that same. I believe that the essence of life is both pleasure and desire—the very two things that civilization has tried to keep us from for centuries. But in my world, there are no rules…

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“Hannah is the real deal! She is incredibly loving and gifted at holding space. She lives what she teaches and you can feel her passion and dedication to this work. I highly recommend working with Hannah one-on-one. You will be glad you did!! Thank you, Hannah, for sharing these teachings and for being the beautiful soul that you are!

-Ashley C.“